Professional Wire Mesh Supplier
The range supplied includes stainless steel wire mesh, plain weave, twilled weave, reverse weave, Dutch weave and five-heddle weave, bird netting, gabions, square mesh, crimped mesh, expanded metal mesh, other metal wire mesh, wire and wire formed shelving, containers and fruit baskets.
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Wire Mesh Series
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Bird Netting
Square Wire Mesh
Wire Series
Galvanized Wire
PVC Coated Wire
Stainless Steel Wire
Straightened Cut Wire
Wire Processed Series
Sterilization Containers
Supermarket Shelves
Fruit Baskets
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Juner is a China manufacturing exporter supplying good quality products with quick delivery and guaranteed services:
We offer directly from factory;
We take special care for every order;
We are more devoted.
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  Dutch Plain Weave
  Plain Weave
  Dutch Twilled Weave
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