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Juner can supply a range of wire processed or formed products including filter discs, wire mesh fruit baskets, cages and more.
Filter Discs

The main material are stainless steel woven wire mesh, sintered metal web, phosphor copper mesh, brass mesh, aluminum foil mesh, etc. The style is round, rectangle, circular, oval and so on. It can be one-layer or multi-layers.

Mesh opening: 5 mm to 600 mm.

Framing materials can be aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, galvanizing plate, titanium plate, rubber and other special material. It also can be made by customers’ requirements.


Materials and processes: High quality steel wire, through bending and spot welding

Surface can be galvanized, plastic spray treatment.
Specification: according to customer requirements.

Uses: Wire mesh cages can be widely used for pets, animals, dogs, transport, display, storage and security uses.

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